About Us - Best Lab Grown Diamonds

Solitario saw an opportunity when more modern and consciously-minded customers asked for timeless sustainable luxury. We gave birth to Solitario Diamonds with an aim to leave a positive footprint for the next generation.

At its core, Solitario is creating heirlooms for future generations. With bespoke designs and unparalleled craftsmanship, Solitario diamond jewelry is to be cherished and lasts for a lifetime. Our style is timeless, delicate and created for all occasions but never at the expense of mother earth.

So what you get is stunningly beautiful diamond jewellery which is uncompromised in quality, yet free of conflict!


Solitario Lab Grown Diamonds envisions a world where ethics and beauty combine seamlessly. Our jewellery, a living legacy, reflects the mindful values of a transformed luxury industry, we are catalysts for change, sparking conversations on sustainable elegance and shaping a legacy beyond convention.


In a world where values evolve, we pioneer sustainable jewellery for a future built on unwavering ethics. Our mission is to craft adornments that provoke contemplation, ignite passion, and enhance beauty without exploitation. Our principles blend with modern day designs, as we strive for a conscious world elevating beauty with integrity.


Ricky Vasandani

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Africa, Ricky is a visionary entrepreneur who has lived across four continents of the world. Hailing from a family that has successfully scaled a legacy diamond jewellery business over decades, Ricky brings his acumen in the diamond jewellery business to the fore with Solitario Diamonds. His business ventures in the Sports and F&B domains are a major success story in Spain. Ricky drives the day-to-day business at Solitario Diamonds with unmatched expertise in Marketing & Operations.

Satish Daryanani


India born and based Satish is an astute businessman who has set up highly successful business ventures across the Bahamas, Caribbean Islands & the United States. With over four decades of experience in the jewellery & luxury retail industry, Satish is credited to be one of the largest suppliers of natural diamonds in the Bahamas & Caribbean Islands. He is known to have built and scaled retail businesses with legacy luxury brands such as Fendi, Armani, Mont Blanc, Tag Heuer, among others.

Vivek Oberoi


This man needs no introduction. A heartthrob of millions, Vivek Oberoi wears many hats with as much panache as he has delivered some of his greatest cult roles in the Indian film industry! Actor, philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur are just some of the roles Vivek plays as an individual. He has co-founded Solitario Diamonds with a responsibility towards a sustainable & an environment friendly future!

Core Team

Anurag Lunia

Head of Retail Operations


Kamini Singh

Head of Business & Strategy

Kabir Kate

Head of Marketing & PR