Bursting These 5 Myths About Lab Grown Diamonds

Bursting These 5 Myths About Lab Grown Diamonds
For centuries, we’ve been given to believe that diamonds are found only deep underground. That essentially makes diamonds Mother Nature’s gift to us. But what if we say diamonds do not always have to occur naturally and can be grown and manufactured? Believe it or not, that’s true! Lab grown diamonds are a reality and have been around for decades. Despite that, lab cultured diamonds have many myths surrounding them. So, let’s debunk five of them in this blog.

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are known as cultured or synthetic diamonds grown and manufactured under controlled laboratory conditions. Natural diamonds take millions and billions of years to develop in the womb of nature. However, one can cultivate lab diamonds using the latest technology in a few weeks. Now that we know what lab cultured diamonds are fundamentally, let’s unearth a few myths and realities about them.

5 Myths About Lab Produced Diamonds

From questions about their authenticity to concerns about their eco-friendliness, here are five myths about lab manufactured diamonds and the realities around them.

Myth 1: Lab Grown Diamonds Aren’t Real!

Lab produced diamonds would have never become as popular had they not been real. They are pure crystallized carbon like a mined diamond. So, except for their origin, they are equivalent to natural diamonds in every respect. They exude a charm and sparkle similar to natural diamonds. Thus, distinguishing between the both with your naked eye can be challenging. Nevertheless, the differences depend on certification, inscription, or pricing.

Myth 2: Lab Grown Diamonds have an Inferior Quality

Lab made diamonds match the standards of mined diamonds. Makers of the best lab grown diamonds in India ensure every quality measure while manufacturing diamonds. They produce them in a highly controlled production environment that involves completing every process, including seed selection to precision cutting and polishing meticulously. Advanced technologies further contribute to quality, making lab diamonds a man-made parallel to natural diamonds.

Myth 3: Lab Grown Diamonds Lack Versatility

Now that’s another common misconception around lab produced diamonds. These diamonds are manufactured in advanced production facilities that allow the producers to design and develop diamonds in numerous variations, giving them various colors and shapes. Manufacturers of the best lab grown diamonds in India can also customize the diamond to make it a perfect match for your personality. So, you’d wear a diamond exclusively crafted to your aspirations!

Myth 4: Lab Grown Diamonds Change Color with Time

Lab produced diamonds exhibit the same characteristics as mined diamonds. Hence, they feature the same level of chemical, thermal, physical, visual, and optical properties as their natural counterparts. Accordingly, they stay resistant and resilient to elements that cause color changes over a while. So, it is a myth that lab manufactured diamonds change color with time. You can rely on lab produced diamonds and flaunt them for years!

Myth 5: Lab Grown Diamonds Aren’t Environment-Friendly

Producers of the best lab grown diamonds in India manufacture diamonds in a controlled and environment-friendly setup. They indulge in responsible manufacturing and adhere to sustainable practices that include minimizing waste and lowering carbon footprint.

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