6 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

6 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds
From mined to made, our choice of diamonds has evolved. But why are people switching from mined diamonds to man-made or lab grown ones? The answer is in the numerous benefits that lab grown diamonds offer. If you are a diamond-lover and want a sparkling one to glam up your persona, you need not necessarily go for a mined diamond. You can choose lab grown diamonds and look more elegant than ever. Here are six reasons that make lab made diamonds a premier choice these days.

Not One but Six Reasons to Buy Lab Manufactured Diamonds!

Until a few decades ago, the world considered natural diamonds irreplaceable. But the rise, growth, and popularity of lab grown diamonds proved it wrong or gave a new dimension to the thought. However, what continues to contribute to the fame of lab grown diamonds? Let’s look at not merely one or two but six factors.

  • Equally Bright and Clear

Lab grown diamonds exhibit the same characteristics as natural. However, organic diamonds may have naturally-occurring elements that can affect their appearance, brightness, and clarity. Lab made diamonds are crafted and manufactured to perfection in a controlled environment by using the latest technology and under strict supervision. Hence, they do not have the same inclusions as mined diamonds. As a result, you get a more flawless, consistent, and clearer diamond to flaunt.

  • Environment-Friendly

Mining is essential to fulfill the world’s resource needs. However, one cannot discount the negative impact it continues to have on the environment. Diamond mining isn’t an exception. It’s been happening for centuries and causing significant environmental damage. Some repercussions include the destruction of habitat, water pollution, and soil erosion. Lab grown diamonds prove a more sustainable and responsible alternative to mined diamonds as they don’t involve excavations. Instead, companies like Solitario produce them in an eco-friendly environment while following the best practices. 

  • More Cost-Effective

Natural diamonds take millions and billions of years to form. Besides, they also involve a significant effort in unearthing them. Hence, they are more expensive. However, lab produced diamonds cost 40-50 percent less than organic diamonds. 

Of course, it isn’t that doesn’t lab manufactured diamonds are cheap. They have a significant value and price tag attached to them. But by choosing a lab grown diamond, you save yourself from the extensive supply chain of middlemen and other elements, each of which contributes to the diamond’s cost until it reaches you. That’s not the case with lab made diamonds. Thus, you get a much better deal for a lab made diamond.

  • Conflict-Free

Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds have been a critical concern worldwide given the environmental and humanitarian factors involved in mining them. There has always been an effort to make people aware of conflict diamonds and why they should demand conflict-free diamonds to discourage unethical practices and human and environmental damage. Lab grown diamonds are conflict-free as they are grown in a factory. So, no mining, violent conflicts against the natives, and no environmental damage. That makes lab produced diamonds an ethical purchase.

  • Customizable

Makers of lab grown diamonds can customize a diamond to meet your expectations about its size, color, shape, etc. So, you can have a diamond that precisely matches your personality and that signifies your individual preferences and charm. 

  • Traceability

Mined diamonds may not always be traceable. So, you wouldn’t know the source of the diamond and whether it is ethical. But that’s not the case with lab grown diamonds that have a certification of their origin and quality. Hence, while buying a lab diamond, you will be more confident and feel assured about the diamond’s authenticity and source.

So, now you know why buy a lab grown diamond. But from where do you buy one? The answer is Solitario Diamonds. Our ethical diamond manufacturing process, environment-friendly approach, and customization capabilities make us one of the best lab diamond manufacturers in India. Click to discover our extensive collection and twinkle like a star!


1. What are lab grown diamonds?
Lab grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or man-made diamonds, are created in a controlled laboratory environment using advanced technological processes that mimic the natural diamond-growing process.

2. Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?
Yes, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same crystal structure, chemical composition (carbon), and brilliance as natural diamonds.

3. Why choose lab grown diamonds over mined diamonds?
There are several reasons to choose lab grown diamonds, including their environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing (conflict-free), cost-effectiveness, customization options, and traceability.

4. Are lab grown diamonds environmentally friendly?
Yes, lab grown diamonds are considered more environmentally friendly compared to mined diamonds. They do not require large-scale mining operations, which can lead to habitat destruction, water pollution, and soil erosion.

5. Are lab grown diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds?
Generally, lab grown diamonds are priced 40-50% less than natural diamonds of comparable quality. This cost difference is due to the shorter production time and less labor-intensive processes involved in creating lab grown diamonds.

6. Can lab grown diamonds be customized?
Yes, one of the advantages of lab grown diamonds is their customizability. Manufacturers can create diamonds of specific sizes, colors, shapes, and qualities based on customer preferences.

7. How can I verify the authenticity of a lab grown diamond?
Lab grown diamonds come with certifications from reputable laboratories that verify their origin and quality. Look for certifications from organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI) when purchasing lab grown diamonds.

8. Is the brilliance of lab grown diamonds comparable to that of natural diamonds?
Yes, lab grown diamonds exhibit the same level of brilliance, fire, and sparkle as natural diamonds. They are cut and polished using the same techniques to maximize their optical properties.

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